​ Dear Residents,​  

As part of our efforts to collaborate with a variety of governmental and private sectors services, we are pleased to anno​unce that “Civil Affairs Mobile Unit” Has been extended their services till next week ​ in KAEC to provide a convenient experience for citizens and their families. The unit will be located in the Business Park (Bay Views) of Emaar Economic City building.  
Working days and hours:
# Gender ​​​​​Date ​​Time​​​
1 Male Sunday – Monday 
05 -06  May 2019 10:00AM.-2​:00PM​.
2 Female Tuesday -Wednesday
 07- 08 May  2019 10:00AM.-2:00PM.​ ​ 
For any further assistance or clarification, please contact us on customer care

Thank you for your understanding KAEC – Government Affairs