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Fire & Saftey

A perfect place is a protected place


Fire safety include those that are intended to prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire, and those that are used to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts.
Protection lives: Keeping you safe during and after a fire, natural disaster, or other emergency, is a City priority.
  • 1- Hidden fires can ignite hours later
  • 2- Practice evacuation plan
  • 3- Stay low when you go
  • 4- Close before you doze
  • 5- Large or small always call
  • 1- Pull the Pin: Pull the pin
  • 2- Aim at the base of fire
  • 3- Squeeze trigger
  • 4- Sweep from side to side “Make sure the fire is out”
  • 1- Fight a fire after you call the fire department
  • 2- Fight a fire only if it small and confined to the immediate area where it started
  • 3- Fight a fire with your back to the exit for escape
  • 4- Fight a fire only if You have had training in use of the extinguisher and are confident that you can operate it effectively
  • 1- If you have the slightest doubt whether or not to fight the fire DON’T! instead, get out, and close the door behind you
  • 2- the fire is larger than a 35 cubic decimeter basket
  • 3- it will block your escape
  • 4- You are unsure of how to use the extinguisher

*If any of these conditions are true, leave immediately, close off the area, and exit the fire to the Fire Department.

  • – Inventory all products in your home
  • – Automotive fluids
  • – Household cleaner’s products
  • – Laundry products
  • – Health and beauty products
  • – Never stick your fingers or any object into an electrical outlet or light bulb socket
  • – Keep fingers and other objects out of small appliances, even if the appliance is off
  • – Never use an appliance near a sink, bathtub or other source of water
  • – Keep electrical wires and appliance cords away from sources of heat
  • – Never touch any electrical appliance or device, such as a light switch, hair dryer or toaster, if you are touching water
  • – Never pull an electric plug out of the wall outlet by yanking on the electric cord
  • – Unplug an electrical appliance before cleaning it
  • – Never use any electrical appliance if you are wet
  • – If you see a worn, frayed or damaged electrical cord, tell an adult immediately
  • – Keep the edge of the balcony free from any furniture that may cause slipping
  • – Installing balcony guards and rail nets is a foolproof way to ensure safety
  • – Set up a good lighting system to help you at night
  • – If it is leaning towards the front, has concrete flaking off or a crack, rust stains, exposed steel reinforcing or has broken floor tiles, could be posing a safety hazard. This means your balcony needs immediate restoration
  • 800 11 800 10 Dial #9
  • – Remain as calm as possible under the circumstances
  • – Speak clearly and answer all the querying the operator asks
  • – Do not hang up until you are told to do so
  • – Meet the Fire Department upon arrival and direct them to the location