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iDRIVE is the first car sharing service in Saudi Arabia. The service is user friendly, affordable and accessible through the application that can be download from Google Play or App Store. Fuel is included. Click here to learn more about the insurance fees, other fees, penalties and damages.


Use the car type ”GO” to ride inside KAEC and use car type “To Jeddah” for trips from & to Jeddah
Service Price Remarks
Inside KAEC 10 SAR for 10 KM/ 15 Min
From or to Jeddah 125 SAR for 120 Km or 90 minutes
Express Bus

Express Bus

Express bus service is a transportation service initiated by KAEC to serve Haramian Railway Station passengers and KAEC communities free of charge up to the end of March 2019 (during the days from Wednesday to Sunday). Check Bus Services Guideline and Policy
Click here to download Express Bus Schedule
Click here to download Express Bus Route
City Bus

City Bus

City bus service is the main city transportation service which follows certain schedules and routes within KAEC to serve residents and visitors. Check Bus Services Guideline and Policy
City Bus Rates
Service Price Remarks (Age)
Single Ticket (Adult/ Child) 5 SAR/ Trip Single One Way Trip
Single Ticket (Child up to 5 years) Free
Click here to download City Bus Schedule
Click here to download City Bus Route


In case of medical emergencies and lack of transportation, a medical taxi (in addition to the ambulance) is available to move patients to the clinic or hospital.


In order to keep you and your family safe, our Facilities Management team is constantly monitoring fire detectors, alarms, and sirens installed in your home. We warn you of emergencies through the speakers near your unit’s main entrance.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In case of emergency, refer to your tailor-made evacuation plan that will direct you to the nearest and safest exits. If you have a fire in your home:

plan image
  • Contact Numbers:
  • Fire Fighting : 055 4010 229
  • City Security: 055 4010 229
  • City Operation Room: 050 0882
Small Fire

In the case of a small fire, use your fire extinguisher by following the instructions.

plan image
Elevator Trap

In case you are trapped in an elevator

Raise Service Request

Fire Fighting 055-4010-229

City Security 066-4010-229

City Operation Room 050-0882

City Clinic 059-3259-206

Pharmacy 050-1875-724

Care Toll Free 800-11 800-10


As part of a fire & safety system, all areas of the buildings are monitored by a Fire Detection and automatic alarm system which meets all required safety standards. These systems are closely monitored by the Facilities Management trained Team, who are located within the buildings around the clock.

Every apartment has been fitted with smoke detectors, alarm sirens and one alarm that is fitted with a speaker (for announcement purposes) located close to the apartment main entrance. Please be aware that tampering with or covering the smoke alarms could lead to false readings in the fire alarm system.

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Fire Alarm

Should a fire Alarm occur that requires evacuation follow these simple guidelines:

  • – Upon hearing an alarm, please be prepared to evacuate the building.
  • – We will broadcast specific instructions should we require you to evacuate your apartment or leave the building in any specific way.
  • – Do not panic, leave the building in a calm orderly manner by the stairs (DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS)
  • – Wait outside at the assembly areas, (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-ENTER THE BUILDING)
  • Trained professionals shall inspect the building and announce an all clear

For your general information, the system is set to activate in the following way:

  • – On detecting heat / smoke outside of designated parameters, the Fire Alarm will sound on the floor on which the Fire activation has occurred.
  • – 1 minute later, it will sound on 4 floors above and below
  • – 1 minute after item 2, it will sound on all floors
  • – 1 minute after item 3, it will sound across the entire building
Returning to the building – Who decides?

Once the cause of the evacuation has been identified and the appropriate persons are certain that it is safe to do so; you will be allowed to return to the building.

In the event of fire evacuations, the decision to return is normally made by the senior Fire Officer in attendance in co-ordination with a member of the Facilities Management Team.

Lifts’ Emergency

In case of emergency while in the lift, please use the telephone in the cab to alert the Concierge / Maintenance Team. It is a direct line.

When calling in an emergency, please follow these instructions:

  • – Keep calm
  • – In a clear voice give your name and location (i.e. Ahmed Jameel, I am in Marina Building 2A, first floor, the lift has stopped or Apartment #etc.)
  • – If there are injuries state the type (if known) and the number of people injured
  • – Listen to the instructions given and repeat the information (if requested)
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Customer Care

Contact Numbers


Village Barber Shop

  • Operating hours: daily from 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Location: The Village 1st floor above Med24, Industrial Valley
  • Contact: +966 530 215 990
  • For location map, Click here

Bay La Sun Hotel Barber

Home Maid

Home Maid Services


Bay La Sun Hotel Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Money Transfer

Money Transfer (Enjaz) – Industrial Valley

  • Open Sunday to Thursday – 10:00am – 5:00 pm
  • Friday – Close
  • Saturday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Al Mujtama Pharmacy

Joins the chain of retailers & services in KAEC

  • Location: Murooj Center – Al Murooj District
  • Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 9am – 2pm / 4pm -12 am
  • Friday 1pm – 12am

Water Delivery

Nestle Water